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Wuse Market Shut down by Abuja Court prior to Covid violation

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One of the biggest Markets in Abuja ,popularly known as WUSE Market has been shut down by the Court on Monday 1st of February 2021. The market has remained shut even to the early hours of today including UTC and the Murg shopping malls  All sellers and buyers have being denied access prior to COVID 19 rules Violation.

The court also convicted about 100 persons who were arrested by the enforcement team for not wearing face masks in public places.

This came barely six days after President Muhammadu Buhari signed the COVID-19 Health Protection Regulations 2021.

The same regulations were also ratified by FCTA four days ago, with a directive by FCT Minister authorising security agencies to arrest anyone violating the guidelines. which it did with the violators fining them abou5 2000 naira each and two weeks community service.

Confusion arouse abruptly about the market as most violators said that provision for the adherence to the Covid new rule was not made.

Ihkaro Attah said the breaches were so flagrant that no responsible government would tolerate them.

According to him, “The presidential regulations have given our enforcement team the teeth to bite, and the FCT minister has also given his backing for the full implementation of the presidential regulations.”

He also added that the court pronounced that the shutdown order can only be vacated when the management of the facilities complies with the regulations.