We are  profound professionals who have the knowledge and skills to communicate with the public and media. Many of whom come from the lines of journalists and know exactly what it takes to attract public attention which is the key to success in the increasingly competitive business and politicalized world. But they also know how to respond in critical situations and protect their clients’ public image and reputation.

By helping create and maintain a good reputation in the public, Cater & Merger plays an important role in the overall success of our clients. For example, an effective presentation of the products/service significantly increases the sales by presenting them in a consumer-attractive way. Politicians, on the other hand, can count on support of their voters only if they have a good reputation as projected by their creative image-maker, we can afford to change a very bad reputation to an excellent reputation; and also at the same time manage a good reputation to a successful political legacy.


Specialized Offers:


We offer bespoke consulting services to businesses and industry leaders in the private and public sector to optimize productivity for success. Our forte is efficient service delivery to our clients.


We offer effective customer relations training for institutions and cooperate organisations. We do this by enhancing staff orientation to increase the quality of service to clients and to attain world class standards in client satisfaction. Our training/workshop is competitive and specially tailored to best meet our client’s needs.


We research and recommend staff placement/recruitment programs and capacity building programs for organizations in the private and public sector in Africa, Europe and America. We do this to equalize global job opportunities for competent individuals in Africa.

Attendance at public events

In order to attract public attention and keep it engaged with a particular organisation or an individual, we would take an advantage of every public event and the opportunity to speak publicly. Which would enables us to directly reach the public attending the event and indirectly, a much larger audience.

Press releases

nformation that is communicated as a part of the regular TV or/and radio programme, newspapers, magazines and other types of mainstream media achieves a much bigger impact than advertisements. This is due to the fact that most people consider such information more trustworthy and meaningful than paid adverts. Though Press release is one of the oldest and most effective PR tools.


The Sending newsletters of relevant information about the organisation or/and its products/services – directly to the target audience is also one of our method to create and maintain a strong relationship with the public. Newsletters are a common marketing strategy which would be used to share news and general information that may be of interest to the target audience rather than merely promoting products/services.


To reach the online audience, in using the digital forms of press releases and newsletters we would also use a variety of other tools such as blogging and recently, microblogging. Which allows an innovative mind to create and maintain a relationship with the target audience as well as establish a two-way communication?

Social Meida Marketing

Like its name suggests, it is used primarily by the marketing industry. Social media networks, however, are also utilised by a growing number of PR specialists to establish a direct communication with the expected audience, of we are going to really make use of in marketing and projecting our clients’ marketability locally and globally.

Keys to success for Cater and Merger will include the followings:

Success elements: