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Moor Farms to Showcase Agricultural Excellence at 2024 UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair

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In a significant development for the agricultural community in Peterborough, we are delighted to announce that Moor Farms, a prominent arable farming enterprise, will be a key participant at the upcoming UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness  Summit/Fair in 2024. Known for their extensive operations spanning over 600 acres of farmland in Newborough and Glinton, Moor Farms specializes in cultivating vital combinable crops such as wheat, barley, peas, and oilseed rape, serving as essential ingredients for leading food manufacturers across the UK.

Establishing enduring partnerships with major industry players, including Colman’s and British Sugar, Moor Farms distinguishes itself by growing mustard and sugar beet, respectively. This strategic collaboration underscores the farm’s commitment to contributing to the supply chains of renowned manufacturers.

A notable feature that sets Moor Farms apart is their unwavering dedication to maintaining high-quality and traceability standards. As growers, they foster direct relationships with their manufacturer customers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring a seamless connection between farm and end-user.

The Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair will provide a unique platform to engage with Moor Farms’ owner, Judith Jacobs. Participants will have the opportunity to hear her insights and experiences, gaining valuable perspectives on the challenges and triumphs of modern arable farming.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, our international delegation will be granted an exclusive tour of the Moor Farms facilities, including the on-site shop and cafe. This personalized experience promises to offer a comprehensive understanding of the farm’s operations and its commitment to sustainability and quality.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Moor Farms as they bring their expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence to the forefront of the UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024. This collaboration promises to be a mutually enriching experience for all participants and a catalyst for further advancements in the agricultural sector.

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