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Diplomats without borders. A tribute to two outstanding Ambassadors.

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By Godson Azu.

The art of diplomacy has always being the advancement of ideas and building relationships among people and nations without unnecessarily overheating passions or unleashing catastrophes. I am well overwhelmed to write this warm tribute of two wonderful personalities, and gentlemen to the core, I was fortunate to be introduced too few years ago, by another refined and outstanding senior diplomat, while serving as the Deputy Head of mission, at the Nigerian High Commission London, who was later posted as the Deputy Head of mission at the Nigeria Embassy in Washington DC, Ambassador Hassan.M Hassan, a distinguished diplomat, and experienced statecraft man. I am humbled and honoured to have come across, to known you, while I was serving as the General Secretary of Nidouksouth, working for the community and you have just assumed office then in 2014, as the new minister-head of Trade and Investment section at the mission, our friendship grow and ever remained firm to date. Amb. Hassan, another detribalise Nigerian, found it worthy to introduce me to this two wonderful gentleman, with great humour and sense of purpose, when they resumed duty at the mission in 2015, and we kind of struck a cord of mutual friends, I sincerely salute you Amb. Hassan, a leader indeed with good heart. I have over the years come to admire and appreciate the professionalism,courage and dedication to the service of humanity and our great nation by this outstanding gentlemen friends of mine, whom am grateful to God for their recent elevation to the next level of diplomatic careers as Ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ambassadors Ahmed.A. Sule and V. A. Adeleke, whom I got to meet and became friends with, when they were serving at the mission, on few occasions of our interaction, I can see the passion and zeal in their eyes to promote and protect the good image of Nigeria in the host country, with their deep insightful knowledge and understanding of the tact of diplomacy. Though after few months, I think around 2016, the new government of President Buhari carried out some diplomatic deployment of officers, which led to Mr. Adeleke being posted to the Nigeria Embassy in Ireland, as the Deputy Head of Mission, where he is still serving to date, I understand that he has done very well as a thoughtful gentleman and personality, by supporting the Nigeria Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Ambassador Georges O. Omokhagor in sustaining and improving on the diplomatic relations of the two countries, as well as reaching out to the Nigeria diaspora community for positive and resourceful engagement. But then my good friend Mr. A. A. Sule, continued with his service in London, were he also assumed the new role of Deputy Head of Mission, as a well experienced diplomat and equally detribalise personality, with a deep understanding of the taxonomy of diplomacy, which are; respect, friendship, extroversion, responsibility,  emotional stability and openness. He was able to work with mutual respect, and submission, supporting the Nigerian High Commissioner to the Palace of St James, London, Amb. Justice George A. Oguntade Rtd. CFR. CON, working together in sustaining the historic relationship between Nigeria and Great Britain, the Nigeria diaspora community and homeland development opportunities. One among many of his major impact, is the participation of the Nigerian government delegation at the Jan. 2020 UK / African Investment Summit in London, we indeed saw your full dedication and commitment to service. My admiration and commendation for this wonderful gentlemen and distinguished diplomats is with all due respect to them as “Diplomats without Borders” for their over 30 years of foreign service to our great country diplomatic corps. Once again I and many in the diaspora community here in the UK and Ireland celebrate the two of you on your new elevation as potential Ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by President Buhari, including many others of your colleagues. 
Be rest assured that your latter days in the diplomatic service, would be greater, with much fulfilment than your former days. Just as Winston Churchill said, that, “Reason for having diplomatic relations is not to confer a compliment, but to secure a convenience”. May you both in your future service post,continue to strive to secure convenience for the great good of our great country Nigeria. I end with this quote, “Do not expect loyalty from people, who can’t give you honesty”. 

Congratulations our Ambassadors. Mazi Godson Azu. Is a political analyst and writer based in the U.K.