Executive Training for effective local government administration, and good governance. Certified Program 2020.

C&M Center for Political Leadership and Governance (CPLG) UK, In Collaboration With The Institute of Leadership & Management (TILM)

Centre for Political leadership and Governance. (CPLG)

As the world strives through the covid-19 global pandemic, which is presently creating a paradigm shift, and reshaping the dynamics of international politics and institutional structures. The world’s great powers are at the point of redefining the future conceptualisation of globalisation and interdependence in the face of pandemics.

This emerging dynamic in international political and economic leadership, requires an equal reaction from domestic politics and leadership, across key contending nation-states. This therefore opens up a new frontier of political leadership, state-craft intelligence, and developmental capabilities.

The ‘Centre for political leadership and governance’ (CPLG), as an informed platform for knowledge sharing and skill transfer in the arts/science of political governance both at the public and private sector. The centre would be working with highly trusted experts and professionals in providing high quality, standard intellectual and practical training on the key challenges of politicking and public governance in an evolving society, social structure, and institutional management.

The centre would be offering leadership training/workshop programmes, that would cover knowledge transfer, and skill acquisition especially in the areas of; Politics/Political culture, Political Parties/Competitive Democracy, Voting/Electoral Systems, Constitutional Elements/Legislative system, Community Engagement/Social Structure, Art/Business of Governance, Lobbying/Consultancy, and Ethics/Values of Leadership.

On completion of the centres training programmes, which attract an award of certificate, would effectively prepare the participants for a more active role in the future, on political duties and public governance.