The Nadir of Governance: By Sonny Iroche

The Nigerian Army on Tuesday confirmed the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), in Afaka, Kaduna State , killing two of its officers and the abduction of a senior officer.

The recent unprecedented and hitherto un imaginable attack on Nigeria’s premier Military training institution, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), by terrorists, is a clear indication of a total failure of leadership in Nigeria.

Sonny Iroche

Just to draw comparisons with other military academies such as the West Point (USA) and Sandhurst (UK), the NDA, should be one of the most militarily secured facilities in any serious country and government.

Any wonder, therefore, why the over a decade war against Boko Haram, seems unwinable?

This has further exposed the, underbelly, unreadiness and vulnerability of our Armed Forces to protect and defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria. When such an embarrassing failure is evident in any institution, the military command, starting from the Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari; the Joint Chiefs of staff and the service chiefs to the Commandant of the NDA, should be called out and held accountable.

If one of the most strategic facilities which is at the nucleus of our safety and security can be so easily compromised and defiled, one wonders what could happen to ANY other critical civilian facilities in the country. Such as the other key critical facilities in the country, which are at the heart of the development of any country are:

National Electricity Grid, which is centralized and over the years been vulnerable to intermittent theft and vandalization of its equipment and infrastructure. This has been one of the reasons advanced by advocates like us, for the decentralization of the National Grid, which is under the total purview of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), is the fulcrum of the banking and financial services of both the Federal Government, the banks, international trade and businesses. The government Minting and Printing Company of Nigeria, which is responsible for printing the local currency and other vital government documents, is a parastatal of the CBN. What would be the consequences to the country’s economy should such facilities, come under terrorists attacks ?•

Foreign Embassies and High Commissions, of countries that are established in the country, would certainly be concerned about the safety and security of their personnel and facilities both in Abuja and Lagos. Giving the evident porosity of our security apparatchiks, as shown by the frequent terrorist attacks on Schools, institutions and now the effrontery of the NDA attack; must be a cause for concern for the international and diplomatic communities in the country.

The unending security breaches in Nigeria have had dire consequences on the economy and Feel Good Index of the country. Foreign Direct Investments into the country have dwindled to their lowest levels ever in the history of the country.

The APC led government of President Buhari, seems to have lost total control of all aspects of the management of the country.Nigeria is in perpetual nadir as a country.

For when one thinks that the country has descended into the worst possible lows, we very quickly sink into new lows.No doubt, our country needs urgent help to stem the further atrophy and possible disintegration, in the mold of other failed states like Afghanistan, Lebanon and Somalia.

It is not too late to still salvage whatever is left of Nigeria’s nationhood, honor and integrity. This administration hasn’t much time left to be filibustering and blaming all others, but itself for its abysmal performance and failure.

One of the several ways that the Buhari administration could save the iota of governance credibility that could still be available, is to, first, without further delay, dissolve his tired and lackluster cabinet, in order to rest those Ministers with political ambitions of running for offices, come 2023.

Secondly, approach one of the big five (5), international Consulting Firms in the country to assist him in seeking out some of the best professional hands (and they are many).

Because all that most of his Ministers and aides are concerned with now, is politics and their 2023 ambitions and nothing altruistic in the execution of their key performance index.

The few months left for this administration, demand serious engagements on people oriented services, management of the economy, safety and security of lives and property, restructuring of the country, bringing the various peoples of the country together- as never before has Nigeria ever been this polarized along ethno-religion lines.

Does any one of the president aides ever tell the president that all his statements that follow any terrorist attacks on Nigerians or some of the faux pas committed by the administration, now sound like the barking of a toothless bull dog and nauseating to the ears of both Nigerians and the comity of Nations?

We don’t need commiseration, condolences to the several families that have lost loved ones, or what the president says or promises that he will do.

All Nigerians and our development partners want to see and witness, are specific actions, and serious steps taken by this government to ameliorate the rudderless trajectory of the Nigerian ship of State.

How history and historians will judge President Buhari’s administration, is almost certain .

How much can he do in this remaining injury time, of his government is doubtful? We are however, reminded and hopeful that wonders shall never end.