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NoSkito Body Spray

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Claims and Advertising Statements

  • Duo – active ingredient complex
  • 12 hours of powerful protection
  • Effective against aggressive mosquitoes
  • 8 hours of protection against ticks
  • Sweat-resistant and waterproof
  • Pleasantly light skin feeling- without being greasy
  • Dermatologically tested: very good/Dermatest

Competitive Differentiation

DEET-free high-performance repellent with a proven 12-hour active formula, patent pending (see p.2, patent application)


  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Active ingredients: 20 % EC oil, h,c + 20% Icaridin
  • Status: Repellent, PT class 19
  • Contents: 100 ml
  • Best before: 36 months
  • Minimum age: from 2 years
  • MOQ/order: from 10.000 pcs.
  • Start of production: immediately

Effectiveness Studies/ derma study

Comprehensive effectiveness studies with internationally recognized laboratories were successfully completed. Further information is obtainable after concluding a non-disclosure agreement.


Spray evenly over the body, making sure not to miss any spots. The recommended application amount is 1ml per 600cm². This is the equivalent of 6-7 sprays on an adult’s forearm.

Packaging and Content

100ml PE bottle, upside-down spray pump, various shapes as standard (see below).