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The Potential Of The Manufacturing Africa-UK Program In Nigeria

Manufacturing Africa (MA) is a UK government (FCDO) funded flagship economic development programme for Africa. MA provides support to help manufacturing companies grow, attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and contribute to an inclusive economic transformation. 3 years into implementation here are some big numbers that tell MA’s impact story.

In the Last 3 Years, Manufacturing Africa, in supporting sustainable growth of the manufacturing sector in Africa, has been able to achieve the following milestones:


  • $206 million Biggest deal supported
  • $10 million Typical size of transactions supported
  • 10+ Multinational manufacturing companies supported
  • 30+ Manufacturing companies with UK trade and/or linkages assisted
  • 60 Green deals supported
  • 239,000 tCO2 Emissions mitigated
  • 43 Women owned/led manufacturing businesses supported
  • 100% Deals screened for Gender Economic Social Inclusion (GESI) compliance
  • $840 million FDI into manufacturing with MA supprt
  • 123 Companies supported
  • 26 Deals closed with MA support
  • 14,000 Direct jobs committed
  • 23 Policy changes influenced
  • 48 Sector transformation studies published
  • 27 industry events activated
  • 15 Partnerships ongoing with UK government /donor programmes

The Manufacturing Africa Program has the potential of attracting and increasing foreign direct investments in Nigeria by a high margin and addressing poverty by supporting job creation in Nigeria through the effective use of the manufacturing sector and industrialization.

The program will be a way to help investors access markets, access funds, understand risks and possible challenges in a new market and how these can be managed,

The program will recognize opportunities in subsectors like pharmaceuticals, vehicles (electric), agro-processing, metal production, packaging, chemical, machinery and electrical equipment. The program can address two key challenges in Nigeria, which are;

  • The rising unemployment despite the increase in the labour force
  • The need to diversify the economy

The program will ensure the transfer of technical assistance, knowledge, and facilitation of transactions for Nigeria manufacturers and will enhance the production techniques, improve the skills of workers, boost their competitiveness, and set the platform for easy expansion.

The program presents opportunities for qualified companies, investors and agencies to access million dollars’ worth of technical assistance, knowledge transfers and funding to scale up their businesses throughout the program duration in Nigeria.

We at Cater and Merger Consult UK, having seen the tremendous opportunities and potentials of the Manufacturing Africa Program in Nigeria, would leverage on our wealth of professional experience, extensive networking of partners across continents, and proven records of accomplishment of various partnership successes, which have yielded several strategic and high volume business deals worth millions of dollars. We are more than willing to facilitate partnerships with Nigerian manufacturing companies, international corporations, buy-side investors, industrial parks, manufacturing enablers, government and investment promotion agencies to provide expert guidance and aid them in benefiting maximally from the Manufacturing Africa Program in Nigeria.