UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024

Highlights from Meetings with Nigerian and Togolese Diplomats

In a series of fruitful engagements today the 13th of March, the CEO of Cater and Merger Consult UK, Mr Godson Azu, had the honor of meeting esteemed diplomats from Nigeria and Togo, further solidifying their commitment to fostering international cooperation in trade and investment.

At the Nigeria High Commission in London, Mr Azu had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bello Jaye, the Minister/Head of the Trade and Investment Section. Their discussion centered around the forthcoming UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair scheduled for May 2024 in Peterborough City. Mr. Jaye’s unwavering guidance and support, proven invaluable in past summits, continue to be instrumental. Together, we aim to enhance the partnership between the Nigeria High Commission and our Trade and Investment section, thereby fostering stronger ties between our nations. The CEO extends his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jaye for his invaluable insights and steadfast support.

In another significant meeting, the CEO was invited by Mr. Valery Kpalété A. KPADE, the Charge de-Affairs of the Republic of Togo High Commission in London, to discuss further details regarding the UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024. The discussion held in Mr. KPADE’s office, was marked by positivity and encouragement. His words of commendation and assurance of their embassy’s participation in the summit underscored the shared commitment to advancing our mutual interests. With full diplomatic backing from Nigeria, Togo, and Sierra Leone, Mr Azu is filled with anticipation for the upcoming summit in Peterborough.


These meetings not only reaffirmed the importance of international collaboration but also highlighted the collective efforts toward driving economic growth and innovation in the agricultural sector. The entire Cater and Merger team eagerly await the opportunity to welcome delegates from diverse backgrounds to Peterborough, where we will collectively chart the course for a prosperous future in agribusiness and AgriTech.