UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024

A Conversation with Dr. Kingsley Uzoma

Today, the Nigeria Country Director, Dr. Joy Opara alongside Mr. Kelvin Ibeh, Head of ICT, had the honor of meeting with Dr. Kingsley Uzoma, SSA to the President on Agribusiness and Productivity Enhancement, in his office at the State House, Presidential Villa. In a meeting characterized by mutual enthusiasm and shared commitment to agricultural advancement, discussions centered on Cater and Merger’s upcoming Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024, scheduled to take place in the City of Peterborough, United Kingdom. Cater and Merger expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a pivotal dialogue with Dr. Kingsley Uzoma, a key figure in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

As a distinguished advisor to the President on Agribusiness and its innovative productivity potentials, Dr. Kingsley Uzoma holds invaluable insights into Nigeria’s agricultural sector. His expertise and vision align seamlessly with the objectives of Cater and Merger’s summit, making him an ideal candidate for a lead speaker role. His participation promises to enrich discussions, inspire collaboration, and catalyze actionable strategies to propel the agribusiness sector forward.

With Dr. Kingsley Uzoma’s confirmed participation, anticipation for the Agribusiness Summit 2024 reaches new heights. Stay tuned as Cater and Merger continues to unveil exciting developments, including additional speakers, thematic highlights, and opportunities for industry stakeholders to engage and contribute to the advancement of agribusiness productivity.


The convergence of minds at the State House, marks a significant step forward in the journey towards enhancing agribusiness productivity in Nigeria and beyond. Cater and Merger remains committed to facilitating meaningful dialogues, forging strategic partnerships, and driving innovation in the agricultural sector. Together with Dr. Kingsley Uzoma and esteemed participants, we look forward to realizing the transformative potential of agribusiness at the UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024.