The Street is Not Smiling

By Charles Chukwuedo Snr, Esq.

There exists a time and place for every sentiment. It is crucial for individuals and entities alike to discern when to smile, laugh, remain solemn, or adopt a serious demeanor. The pervasive adversity across the land demands serious concern. One cannot help but marvel at the resilience of the impoverished masses as they navigate these trying times. This period calls for heightened empathy, generosity, and a keen awareness of the struggles faced by others.

These efforts must be led by the incumbent government. They cannot continue to urge citizens to tighten their belts while their own belts remain conspicuously loose, allowing certain officials to indulge at the expense of those they are meant to assist. Immediate action is required to prevent a complete societal collapse. While economic turbulence is a global challenge, this period demands rigorous fiscal prudence.

President Tinubu must elevate governance to international standards, akin to decisive policies seen in Kenya to conserve financial resources amid economic hardships. Though I believe in President Tinubu's intentions for Nigeria, current challenges precede his administration. The Nigerian populace has entrusted him with the mandate to rectify systemic issues.Food insecurity should provoke significant alarm. Affordability issues have led to the division of a tuber of yam into smaller portions for the first time in Nigeria, akin to practices in countries where yam is an export commodity. This distressing situation demands swift intervention. Erratic power supply continues to cripple businesses, exacerbating economic strain.


The nation's insufficient export levels fail to generate necessary foreign currency reserves. Urgent government action is imperative. I propose President Tinubu initiates unprecedented reforms to significantly cut governmental operational costs, consolidating various agencies as a crucial austerity measure. Such measures, coupled with visible government commitment, will foster public patience. Time is of the essence. The streets reflect dire circumstances, calling for immediate governmental response. Meanwhile, let us embody communal solidarity and assist those in need wherever possible. By Charles Chukwuedo Snr, Esq 8/7/2024