Communique: UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024

Conference and Exhibitions: UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair 2024

The UK Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair, conference and exhibition, held on 21st May 2024, at the Hoilyday Inn Peterborough West, Peterborough City. The event was declared open by the newly elected Worshipful Mayor of the City of Peterborough, Clir. Marcos Cereste, an Opening Speech by the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone to the United Kingdom, Amb. Dr. Morie Manyah, a short presentation by Dr. Adeola Fasubaa the DG Ekiti State Diaspora Relations, Dr. Ikechi Agbugba PhD, Associate Professor of Agri-economics University of Birmingham, with stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and civil society. The panel discussions were moderated by Mr. David Smith, Chairman of British African Business Alliance and Engr. Nweike Onwuyali, CEO. Ziphii Technology, UK. Introduction The summit brought together over 65 delegates from seven countries, (UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana) representing a wide array of expertise in agribusiness and agriTech. The primary objectives of the summit was to foster collaboration, share innovations, and discuss strategies to enhance trade and investment in the agribusiness sector. As mentioned in both the welcome speech of the Mayor of Peterborough and the opening speech of the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone to the United Kingdom.

Key Discussions: Discussions emphasized the need for sustainable farming practices that balance productivity with environmental stewardship. Participants highlighted successful models and technologies that promote resource-efficient and climate-resilient agriculture. On this note, Mr. Izak Van Heerden of Nuffield Farming Scholars, emphasised on the importance of people and orientation, while Dr. Akinwumi Okoro PhD, an organic Agriculture expert spoke about policy development and implementations, while Dr. Ikechi Agbugba PhD looked at human development, capacity building, through “Brain Reengineering Concept", and Mr. David Smith emphasised on the potentials of trade and investment, the diaspora economy and connectivity. The role of AgriTech in transforming agriculture was a central theme. Innovations in precision farming, biotechnology, and digital agriculture were showcased, demonstrating their potential to improve yields, reduce waste, and enhance supply chain efficiency. We would be delighted to share further developments from the presentation by Mr. Nweike of Ziphii Technology UK, Engr. Obidoyni Digital Infraco UK, and Mr. Dayo Taiwo of DT&T. There was a consensus on the importance of reducing trade barriers and enhancing market access for agricultural products. Strategies to streamline regulatory frameworks and improve infrastructure were discussed to facilitate smoother trade flows. The idea of farm-to-folk was also reemphasised, with the drive for produce exchanging hands from the farmers directly to the consumer (end-user). There would be a partnership follow up with Mr. Tom Martins, a fourth generation Peterborough farm owner (Toons Lodge Farm) who spoke on the importance of sustainability, biodiversity, collaboration and growth also involved in this access to market is Clir. Harold Ogunfemi of Signet Uk. Participants explored various investment opportunities in the agribusiness sector, with a focus on attracting private sector investment and fostering public-private partnerships. Investment in research and development, as well as in infrastructure, was identified as crucial for sector growth. There were serious potentials as presented by a team of young Zimbabwean Agri-Entrepreneurs, called Global Farm Connect who have developed a network of funding opportunities for farmers across Africa. There is also a huge potential investment outlay from a serious investor looking into the UK, Nigeria and other African countries. Cater and Merger Consult UK will be facilitating with, Simeon Services Uk Limited/MASIICC UK Limited, a partnering investment company with an investment portfolio of $150B.

Resolutions and Commitments: Innovation and Technology Adoption: There was a pledge to support and accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies through knowledge sharing, capacity building, and financial incentives. The summit calls on governments to develop and implement policies that support sustainable agriculture, promote investment, and facilitate trade. Specific recommendations include tax incentives for sustainable practices and streamlined approval processes for new technologies, produce import/export tariffs, and produce standardisation for many African farm produces. Commitments were made to invest in capacity-building initiatives aimed at empowering farmers, especially smallholders, with the skills and knowledge needed to adopt new technologies and practices. There would be further engagement on this area with Dr. Ikechi Abgugbe, and his Brain Reengineering concept, and Mr. Tom Matins, Farmers Time Global Programs.


It was agreed that the Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair will become an annual event to continue the dialogue and track progress on the commitments made. At the next summit in Germany this September, the Agribusiness initiative of Friends of OBJ would be launched fully with the presence of OBJ in person. The establishment of working groups focused on key areas such as technology innovation, trade facilitation, and sustainable practices was endorsed. These groups will work throughout the year to advance the summit’s objectives. A framework for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the summit’s resolutions will be developed. Regular reports will be shared with stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability. Conclusion: The Trade, Investment and Agribusiness Summit/Fair concluded with a renewed sense of commitment and optimism for the future of agribusiness. By working together, we can create a more sustainable, innovative, and prosperous agricultural sector that benefits all humanity. Cater and Merger Consult wishes to thank all participants for their valuable contributions and look forward to our continued collaboration.