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What I Saw In That Hall Where Ayade Decamped


MAY 20, 2021

  1. I saw first, Senator Florence Ita Giwa there. Remember she decamped from PDP to APC three years ago. Spent a few months in APC, fought with Ayade bitterly and even accused Ayade of hatching plans to assassinate her but later decamped back to PDP. Is she returning to APC again with Ayade or it was just a guest appearance for a fee as usual?
  2. I also saw a helpless Deputy Governor, Prof. Ivara Esu, who was obviously wishing he could choose a different path but his options are locked. It was written all over him.
  3. I equally sighted several Ayade appointees who were struggling with a smile that comes to my own face effortlessly. They were clapping and cringing. Some have started clarifying their positions. I was only there o, I no follow decamp o. The weeks ahead hold some surprises.
  4. I equally saw the Supreme Court Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State, tightly hugging Governor Ayade and lifting up his hands in excitement while welcoming him to APC. Hope Uzodinma’s company is accused of stealing the money meant for the dredging of Calabar Port and the Ayade Government has on occasions, threatened a showdown with Uzodima if Calabar Port isn’t dredged. Is the Calabar Port still going to be dredged or do we hold that since the duo have become buddies now, the port dredging can go to hell and Uzodinma’s company can wack the shekels?
  5. I also noticed the loud, tendencious, and conspicuous absence of current leaders of the APC in Cross River State, in that hall. Were they invited and they refused to show up or they weren’t invited or are they so angry that they didn’t think it necessary to come or they are so irrelevant in the scheme of things that there was no need inviting them? The days ahead will answer that one sha.

But these were the other things I saw apart from what you also saw.

Yours sincerely.

Citizen Agba Jalingo is the publisher of CrossRiverWatch and writes from Lagos State.