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UK Food Standard Agency Post Covid-19 Board and Business Meeting.

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Tuesday morning, 9th March 2022, Mr. Godson Azu was greatly privileged to be a Public Guest at the first Post Covid-19 Board and Business Meeting of the UK Food Standard Agency 2022, held in the great Exchanges Building in Birmingham City.
He had such wonderful opportunity listening to the Chairperson of FSA (Food Standard Agency), Prof. Susan Jebb who presented her Chairperson report on her first eight months in office. She spoke about the present challenges of global and regional crisis, from Post-Brexit to Covid-19 and now the War in Ukraine. In her statement relating to the Ukraine-Russian war, she used the phrase, “is uncertainty the new normal?“, as the world iss faced with unpredictable levels of actions against humanity. There were various presentations by the Agency Chief Executive, Emily Miles, who reported on the works of the Agency in the face of ongoing events, with regards to issues of regulatory frameworks, standardisation and sustainability. Also the support working relationship with DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for International Trade on Regulatory policy, advise, sampling and standardisation of imported food produce.
As a public guest, Mr. Godson Azu was given an opportunity to ask any pressing questions, of which he relate to on the levels of global uncertainty, the emerging unguarded cyber war and its impact on food security. More importantly, he used the opportunity to request for FSA participation at the fourth coming UK-Nigeria Trade and Investment Mission Summit 2022, as we try to leverage on the Nigeria Agro-Produce export potentials and investment. In response to his request the Chairperson Prof. Jebb, made a positive comment on looking into the Nigerian issues and as such directed the Director and Head of Regulatory FSA, Ms. Rebecca to engage with him on it. The meeting was a great success and am hopefully Godson Azu and at large the UK-Nigeria Summit participants are looking forward to the FSA participation at the Trade Mission Summit in April.