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Tinubu and the toxic leaders

by Bayo Oluwasanmi

Prior to the meeting of Bola Tinubu and APC Governors and leaders, I penned a piece titled Tinubu Wishbone Leaders’ Meeting published on May 19, 2021 by SaharaReporters. In the article, I asked series of questions for the reason for such a meeting. I said “The meeting is not going to add value or push the collective wish of the Yoruba people for the creation of Oduduwa Nation. I conclude that “Their concern and convergence is how to sacrifice the agitation for Yoruba Nation for Tinubu 2023.

Boy, I was damned right! In a communique read by Bisi Akande, “They express their strong opposition to separatist agitations and hate speeches. They renew their belief in the unity, stability, and sustainability of the country.”

We should not be shocked that Tinubu and the toxic leaders are against Yoruba self-determination. Toxic leaders achieve success by exploiting those around them. The hallmarks of their selfishness and greed are not difficult to miss. As self-centered, manipulative, cold, and calculating leaders, they are wedded to the status quo. They fear change. To them, change represents one of two things: a perceived indictment of their own failures as leaders or the possible exposure of their incompetence. They fear any change because it suggests there is something inherently wrong the way they are leading.

On whose behalf do they speak? Who do they represent? Definitely, they do not speak or act on behalf of Yoruba people. They do not represent Yoruba people. Where are they when Fulani terrorists are killing Yorubas? Where are they when Yorubas from Igangan in Oyo and parts of Ogun States fled their homes because of Fulani invaders and are now refugees in Benin and Togo? Where are they when qualified Yoruba graduates are denied jobs that were given to less qualified Fulanis? Where are they when Yorubas are being marginalized by Buhari government? Where are they when Yorubas have been turned slaves or at best second class citizens? Where are they?

Few traits associated with leadership are as important as integrity. Leaders without integrity possess a toxic and destructive weapon to reduce rather than enhance the welfare and well being of their people. These so called leaders have no integrity. They have no desire to make life better for Yoruba people. They are entirely focused on their own selfish interests. Instead of them to fight for the safety, protection, and rights of Yorubas, they accelerate the decay of their own people. We don’t know these toxic leaders!