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The Need to Regulate Education in Private Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

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Baze University of Abuja owned by Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed family.

Ahmed, a Mauritania recently talked down on the entire South. Mauritania just abolished slavery in the early 1990s when USA/UN threatened an invasion.

See Ifeanyin Uba, Dino and Osita Chidoka in the Law class of the Baze University. They all graduated this Weekend. Chidoka chop 2:1. Ifeanyin Uba chop 2:2 and Dino 2:2.

Let us see what they will chop in the proper Law School.

APC IMO NEC Legal Adviser, Barrister Uzukwu Patrick Eze cried bitterly, he wrote angrily :

The Council of Legal Education that regulates the training of lawyer’s in Nigeria must investigate the nonsense going on in the Faculty of law of some private Universities in Nigeria.

The award of law degrees to Senator Dino Melaye and Senator Ifeanyi Ubah by BAZE UNIVERSITY is a disgrace and must be thoroughly investigated.

Dino purportedly gained admission into BAZE University in 2019.

Every public and private University were shut down the whole of 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Council of legal education require a law student to spend a minimum of 5 years in the University before you acquire a law degree.

On what planet will someone acquire a law degree after spending less than one year of studies in school except in Nigeria and at BAZE University.

To the best of my knowledge Senator Ifeanyi Ubah didn’t attend a formal secondary school.

He spent his secondary school time in Gabon as a trader.

Now he’s a law graduate with Second Class upper.

This is utterly despicable.

When did we descend this low.

Can you become a medical doctor after one year of University education?

If the medical colleges will not graduate a student in one year why should the council of legal education allow this nonsense to happen?