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The God of Heaven and Earth Politics is a Merciful God

The tongue they say is a powerful sword , and also the effects of a spoken words, obviously there is the great element of political rhetorics, that are meant for public manipulation without a spiritual context to it.

If God be a Man, many politicians in the world, and most especially in Nigeria world be falling dead everyday up and down the country. But for the merciful God, whose mercy endureth forever, and his grace sufficiently enough for all, has made it possible for many survive own, self-sentence to death.

Can you honestly imagine what would be the condition and faith of man, and political quest for power, with their spoken words, and or pronunciations?

I will never go back to the PDP. PDP is beyond redemption!


I will never leave APGA. I’d rather quit politics. PDP is a curse to the South East!


I would rather die than to join APC!


May God punish me if I ever leave PDP!

  • Gov Bello Mohammad Matawalle

I will not join these people who carry brooms like witches. Over my dead body!

  • Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

If APC fails to perform, Nigerians should stone us!

  • Tony Momoh

Caution your tongue and be mindful of your pronounced words because of tomorrow.. Though God, be a merciful God , he is also a God of vengeance.