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Post- Brexit Trade Deals. Where is Nigeria?

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Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. A big thank you to everyone who helped the UK secure trade deals covering 61 countries globally including the EU over the last two years.

But what happens to a trade deal with Nigeria, the must populated and largest economy in Africa? Is the one and only big country missing on the deals done so far? Is Nigeria losing out on this new frontier of post-Brexit trading and economic opportunities, in view of the emerging post Brexit African relations?
We do hope and anticipate a more positive engagement and discussions on the potentials for a mutual trade relations with the UK, following the appointment of Hon. Helen Grant MP, as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Nigeria, and her most recent visit to the country a couple weeks ago.
The UK and Nigeria have come a long way in history, with much commonality and lots of opportunities to foster its relationship.

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By Mazi Godson Azu