You are currently viewing Nigeria Covid-19 and The Capitalist Ventures Who runs Nigeria by a Weak Governance.   By Mazi Godson Azu.

Nigeria Covid-19 and The Capitalist Ventures Who runs Nigeria by a Weak Governance. By Mazi Godson Azu.

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Fellow Nigerians and patriotic citizens, my hope remains that for us all still alive, is to remain in good health and well-being as we continue to count days, weeks, and months throughout this period of crisis in good faith. 
This pandemic we’re facing today is a Man made act, to test a futuristic tendencies of human nature and ethical revolution. The main purpose of this health and social war, is to reorganise the social structure of human nature in a command chain order driven by key wealthy powerful Chinese elements, with a support network of few actors across, America, Europe and Africa. 

A new invention of modern wealth creation, economic and social management system is going to evolve soon, beyond socialism, greater than capitalism, more  imaginative inductive to subjective order, rule by a panic button, and fear of the unknown, using social war to manipulate the world economic system for the greater benefit of the few. 
In as much as I appreciate the kind support and generosity of many Nigerians wealthy individuals, some of whom am sure many people are just hearing about them or their wealth capacity, who have donated huge sums of money towards a humanitarian crisis, as befall us all now. 
This individuals and few cooperate organisations have put together in a matter of days a substantial amount of money, far beyond what the federal government could afford to give to bailout poor Nigerians from the anticipated Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, even at the government lockdown syndrome without adequate care of the citizens welfare and survival, with over 30 million people locked down for two weeks, without substantial provision social intervention packages or even amenities, such as constant power and water. 
It’s rather unfortunate equally that the country itself is already suffering with a government of dementia syndrome and lying virus, with a consistent covert actions on national issues, mirroring the life and welfare of the citizens through a broken lens, how do you see the truth and speak of the truth. He that comes before equity, most come with a clean hand. 
Then mine main concern and critical questions are; Who are the body trusted to manage this billionaires fundraising jackpot, a government selected political clowns or purpose driven men of high integrity; What are the laid down principles of fair distribution and or utilisation of the Billions for the greater good of the poor people, in terms of foods, health care and post-Covid-19 Mental orientation; How can we measure the actual impact of this funds, as an evidence base projections, in terms of its life saving capacity and active facility in place; Who is and or are going to be accountable for the expenditures and leftovers at the end of Covid-19. 
Secondly am really concerned why the CBN Governor and not Mr. President or the finance minister is commenting on any form of funding support; why is NNPC making a donation of our commonwealth into a privately driven common fund pool. Why did government not hesitate a legislation to mop up federal funds together for the citizens relief program, just as they have been hesitating political cases through the judiciary, this is a highly irresponsible act government that is failing on the constitutional mandate of securing and providing for its citizens in times of critical needs. 
Like I said earlier and I still maintain my argument, this Covid-19 pandemic is a creation of certain wealthy elements, and as such they are using their networks of fellow wealthy partners to raise funding solutions by country of interest, some of this  wealthy individuals are donating funds base on their logical understanding of this new social re-engineering trend of new world order, while some are just following the capitalist competitive nature of influence and gain seeking limitations.
This is Business Politics at both international and national levels, thus, the Nigerian elements, have been able to mobilise together its networks to raise the huge funds to bailout a clue less government, rather than directly bailout the poor masses who really needs the substance. 
While the originator of Covid-19 China has triggered crisis, with limited impact on its citizens, then exported it to unanticipated West nations thereby pushing the global panic button down for the economic melt down, after which,  is busy now working out its plan of repositioning the world economy and social order to suit China’s purpose in the new world order, while the West would be struggling to overcome the pandemic, and its post-covid-19 reality as the changes of impact on its citizens economic and social being, would in turn define this Chinese’s instigated world system. 
There is going to be a huge capital investment in health care facilities and management across Europe and America with greater commitments on redefining economic and social relationships within the great powers and their sphere of influence. 
I am of the believe that with those huge donations by the wealthy networks in Nigeria, the concerned authorities should draw up an accelerated social intervention packages to alleviate deep poverty syndrome and commit to build a well equipped health care facilities in each geopolitical zones to cater for health and social care challenges to reduce health care poverty. 
But then because of the deep Nigerian politics of patron/client corruption and the domestic disconnections, this huge amount of money may only end up in front pages of papers and media publications, and not real making any interventionist impact for the intended purpose. 
 Well unfortunately most of  the listed billionaires are wealthy today because they are made by the corrupt government system of the past and present, their wealth is totally built out of our national and commonwealth, just a few of them are actually self-made billionaires, you can name them by using your tong to count your teeth. 
In the case of Nigeria the largest population in Africa, it is obvious that more people is most likely to die of hunger, than the outbreak of infection from covid-19 as a matter of the way and manner the  federal government and its fronting agencies is capable of managing the people’s welfare, and social needs, of which at the look of things, the present situation does not guarantee such expectations and benefits 
I hope that Nigeria would learn from this global misfortune and prepare for a greater fortune, for the greater good of the greater number of people in the country to improve its poverty ratio in the new world order. 
This has shown that there is too much money in Nigeria, concentrated in hands of very few individuals and governments institutions, that can pave way for a new social security system affording every adult, and Child  social support care payment of at least 25,000 Naria to the over 40 Million or 40 thousand which ever is greater, BVN account holder’s, in Nigeria, at this critical crisis moment, then post-covid-19 , use it as a template to measure impact assessment, vulnerability and improvement as a policy indicator for a future structured national social security system that can be implemented to stabilise economic recession. 
Today over 80 Million Nigerians up/down the country needs real money in their hands, needs foods on their tables, needs power in their homes, needs drinking water, needs medical care at least one health care Center per 50 thousands population, would be a reasonable set target to ensure access to good quality health and social care services. 
He that comes before equity, most come with a clean hand, none of the present political leaders, including Mr. President himself can justify stand before equity with a clean hand , in fairness of justice. Everyone of them goes round about it , but never willing to stand before it, because they all know the spiritual implications is greater than the natural law of justice.
But then some day by the forces of nature and mankind all truth shall be made open and justice shall prevail for the of unjust and enslaved humanity.