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IHRC Honors African Ambassador Malami Shehu at COP:28 UN Conference in Dubai

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The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), an intergovernmental organization, recently recognized the exceptional contributions of its African Ambassador, Dr. Malami Shehu Maa’ji, at the closing ceremony of the COP-28 United Nations climate change conference held in Dubai, UAE.

Amb. Muhammad Shahid Khan, the World Chairman of IHRC, bestowed the Medal of Honor upon Dr. Malami Shehu in acknowledgment of his outstanding performance, selfless services, and unwavering dedication to humanity across African nations. The official decoration took place at the UN Building in Dubai.

In addition to the Medal of Honor, Amb. Dr. Malami Shehu was also honored as the Ambassador of Sash, signifying the prestigious Grand Cross class in an order of merit, following the tradition of India.

During the ceremony, Amb. Muhammad Shahid Khan praised Amb. Dr. Malami Shehu for his commitment to humanity, emphasizing his passion for human rights, peace, and progress in Africa. The IHRC Chairman highlighted Dr. Malami Shehu’s efforts in fostering positive change through diplomatic engagement.

Hailing from Nigeria, Dr. Malami Shehu now holds the esteemed position of African Ambassador At Large for the International Human Rights Commission, representing all African countries.

Notably, amidst the COP:28 UN conference, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Republic of Azerbaijan, along with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, presented a certificate of commendation to Amb. Dr. Malami Shehu. This recognition was in appreciation of his active participation in Azerbaijan’s “Plant a Tree” initiative, further highlighting his commitment to environmental sustainability.

Cater and Merger joins the world to celebrate your well deserved appointment and honour by the International Human Rights Commission. We look forward to working with you in support of your role and duties.