Graduate Employbility program 2020: More youths to be empowered Next Year_Godson Azu

The Equalization of Job Opportunities through Capacity Building and Diaspora Exchange Programs 2020 by Cater and Merger Consult sucessfully took place on the 18th of December 2020.

Marking it’s first edition, it took to the Nation a phenomenal event Targetted towards impacting youths by gathering notable Speakers and Participants (Youths ) across the Globe.
Reaching out to a good Number of Youths via Zoom and other Social media Platforms, renowned Speakers were Featured in this event .This include : David Apollus ;CEO Across Atlantic, Dr. Alistair Sounds; CEO Ben Tv UK,David Smith; Chairman British,African Business Alliance, Emmanuel Uwalaka; Regional Administrator OSHASsociaton, Osita Aniemeka; President Sub Saharan open University, George Manuwuike; Ceo NIDOE,Rejoice Adele, Project Officer Kalos,Stephen Adele,CEO blue brain education and Kenneth Gbandi; past Chairman Nigerians in The Diaspora Europe and the famous Broadcaster Priscilla Nwipko.

Priscilla Nwipko moderating

Moderating the program, Ms Priscilla Acknowledged all Speakers . CEO Godson Azu who formally welcomed everyone and introduced the Mission of this event stated vividly that Cater and Merger which is a Cutting edged Management consultancy firm has embarked on this trainings to empower interested Youths with the requisite Knowledge , Mentorship, skill and experience needed to be a top class Leader in a world full of opportunities and competitions.
According to Dr. Osita Aniemeka “Adapting towards the 21st Century opportunities is about employment either self or Labour.This pending issue in Nigeria for 10_15 years has been quite alarming.

“Employbility is not just about getting the job, but Maintaining it and expanding capacities Through multiple streams via Critical thinking, creativity and Collaboration.”

Engr. Emmanuel and a host of other speakers have aired their thoughts about the beginning of a better youth which always start with the renewal of the mind . In His words ” In building a successful career, you need a combination of Passion, commitment,Focus, perseverance and an Excellence mindset.”

Rejoice Adele speaking

“It’s not enough to have a certificate but to prove relevance in the real world; in the real market”Rejoice Adele. She added that a Mental, physical and possibly emotional Strength been expanded , Developed and maintained makes you more competent.

The Vocational college plan outline is an option that is equally necessary _David Smith
Allistair Soyode has also recommended mentorship as a part of the plan and this has already been made available to youth in Africa and across.

The CEO of this cutting edge Management consultancy firm, Mr Godson Azu Finally concluded this event by Launching the “PROJECT 100″ Which is to be unveiled by the 1st quarter of the year 2021. He detailed Furthermore stating that project 100 is targetted towards Empowering 100 Youths in Nigeria. ” This platform Creates and offers Practical Engagements for Youth Internships making them employable via the experiences, Mentorship and trainings, aimed at not only the white collar jobs but the blue collar”.

speakers/participants in Zoom view