(Exclusive) Electronic Transmission: What Actually Transpired on the Floor of the Senate

According to some minority leaders of the Senate whose identities choose to remain unknown, SENATOR ABARIBE was heavily betrayed by both PDP and APC Senators. That was why he called for division, to expose them to the world.

According to the reliable sources, Abaribe had a special section with PDP senators on the electoral amendment bill, over the clauses. Especially on electronic transmission of results, to stop the menace of election rigging in Nigeria.

They all agreed to support the electronic transmission. He lobbied most APC Senators, who saw reasons with him, for election accountability, and the need to have free and fair election in Nigeria. Many agreed and gave him their word to support the use of electronic transmission of results, when the clauses are deliberated upon on the floor.

When Sen Kabiru Gaya got information that Sen Abaribe was flowing well with most senators, APC/PDP inclusive, and had gotten their support on electronic transmission of results, he quickly ran to the presidency, to scuttle the plan. He activated AsoRock connection on Senators.

Secret financial promises were made to senators in PDP and APC. Some PDP senators were promised soft landing, if they wish to decamp to APC, and the non use of electronic transmission of results, will make their election seamless/easy to win in future. Secret meeting everywhere.

To ensure Senators of their promises, the cabals arranged an emergency dinner section with President Buhari, at the villa. Where all 109 senators came face to face with Mr President. Cash were disbursed to those Senators willing to take, in dollars, But they all kept denying.

The rubber stamp Senate president was ready to do the bidding of the President cabals. So they agreed to a voice vote of ayes and nays, but that the NAYS should have it.

Haven known the kind of person Senator Abaribe is, and fearing the worst, some Judas in PDP, decided to be absent. They were at the Villa to honour President Buhari’s emergency dinner section with Senators, but couldn’t attend the senate sitting on the most important day of our nation’s electoral history.

Those APC Senators who gave Abaribe their words, started acting strange after the dinner. So when it got to the electronic transmission of results clause in the electoral amendment bill, as usual the rubber stamp Senate president called for those in support to say Aye, and those against to say Nay.

And he was quick to say, the Nays have it, and it was obvious they have it. But Senator Abaribe wanted history to vindicate every one of them, and posterity to judge those who betrayed and robbed the nation of her only chance at having credible, free and fair elections.

So he called for a division of the Senate where everyone will vote YES or NO, according to their conscience, and the results will be made public for history to Judge. He wanted to expose all those that voted against the people’s wish, and for the world to see those that betrayed by absenteeism.