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Cater and Merger UK facilitates Exclusive Capacity Building Program for Nibox Payment Systems

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On the 1st of May, 2021, the management of Cater and Merger UK facilitated a capacity building program for the employees of Nibox Payment Systems Limited, the purpose of which was to optimize operational performance and client business relations for Nibox. The exclusive workshop was specifically for participants earmarked by the contracting company. Thirty (30) management and field staff were in attendance.

During the workshop, the facilitators shared key insights with the participants to optimize the company’s administration, portfolio and to scale revenue. Mazi Godson Azu – Chief Executive Officer of Cater and Merger Uk; Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka – Regional Administrator of the Occupational Safety and Health Association; and Mr. Peter Odu – Head Strategy, Policy and Projects for Cater and Merger UK, were lead resource persons at the workshop.

The first facilitator was Mr. Peter Odu. Speaking on optimizing the company’s structure and portfolio, he drew key insights into how to scale revenue through a proven formula for sales and elevator pitches. The key facilitator Mazi Godson Azu elucidated on how to improve client business relations and clearly demonstrated the impact of the knowledge of one’s identity in the contribution to overall organizational growth. The third key resource person, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka expounded on the importance of adhering to occupational safety and health standards and related the subject matter with improving individual and collective organizational productivity.

During the day, workshop participants had the opportunity to contribute and discuss during sessions to develop both personal and collective resolutions. At the beginning of each session, participants were presented with background information and discussion questions. This was followed by a structured process of brainstorming and information exchange. Participants in the sessions reached consensus on each recommendation and solution proffered by the key resource persons.

The event which began by 10am, lasted for a duration of four hours, reaching its conclusion at 2pm, where participants were issued certificates from the Cater and Merger Centre for Leadership and Good Governance. The workshop was highly rated by all who attended as reflected by the official feedback forms the participants filled, indicating the immense value they derived by being part of this laudable initiative facilitated by Cater and Merger UK.