An Open Letter to Sen. Kalu Orji by Abia League of Professional Initiatives (ALPI) On Vote Against Electronic Transmission Of Electronic Results In the Electoral Act Amendment Bill

​​​​ (ALPI)

July 17, 2021
Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
Senator Representing Abia North Senatorial District Constituency Office

Sen. Orji Kalu

Dear Senator Kalu,

1.We the members of Abia League of Professional Initiatives (ALPI), wish to condemn in the strongest terms, the attempt by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to subvert the will of the people you represent and to continue to manipulate election results through the flawed national electoral process, the bedrock of representative democracy.
We are particularly dismayed that you voted against the will and interest of the people of Abia North Senatorial zone, without due consultations with the constituents, who you represent in the Senate; a serious act of abuse of your office, thereby denying your constituents effective representation on this critical issue.

2.Moreso, it is obvious that the unconstitutional provisions in the amendment of the Electoral Act, which ordinarily falls within the purview of the Independent National Electoral Commission which you supported through your NO vote is the first step in a contemplated plan to manipulate the results of the 2023 elections.
Voting to reject electronic transmission of election results therefore, amounted to taking your constituents, who happen to be your employers for granted.

3.The ALPI, as a body shall continue to consult widely with other stakeholders in Abia State on the most effective way to hold you accountable for your stand against the world wide proven transparent and credible use of technology in the electoral process.
Your position on this very critical issue, has put you on collusion with the yearnings of Abians in general and your constituents in particular. You shall, in due course, be held accountable for your NO vote.

4.The hallmark of democracy and by its definition of government of “the people, by the people” is effective representation in the legislature, where elected representatives take on the responsibility of canvassing the needs and aspirations of their constituents through debates and votes.
Developments in Nigeria’s political firmament in the last few years have seen a progressive erosion of the will of the people and a leaning towards autocratic governance.

5.Ominously, the assault on the Nigerian constitution and the brazen impunity demonstrated by the political leadership is likely to have dire consequences on our fledging democracy.
This dangerous trend places huge responsibilities on the National Assembly, especially the Senate, in curtailing the excesses of the executive arm of the Federal Government.

6.The implication is that national politics in Nigeria is no longer business as usual because these anti-democratic tendencies must be robustly checkmated. It should be a given that the South East Zone, which has borne the brunt of the discriminatory and undemocratic actions of the Federal Government, should be at the forefront in defending key democratic institutions and accepted norms of democracy against the onslaught of the present administration.

7.The Southern Governors Forum has shown leadership in this regard and actually spelt out the right decisions every patriot legislator should take, including how they should vote on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill. Unfortunately, some unpatriotic Senators, including yourself decided to swim against the tide of altruism and work against the interests of the people you represent.

We shall be engaging with you and other national politicians and stakeholders in due course.
We hope that the Judiciary would leave upto its responsibility to adjudicate on the matter.

Yours Sincerely,


We the members of ALPI have through the attached list, collectively endorse this letter.

The under listed members of the Abia League of Professional initiatives (ALPI), hereby endorse this letter written by our group to the three Senators representing the three Abia Senatorial Zones on their votes on the use of electronic transmission of election results.

Board of Trustees
Name. Zone
1.Senator IOS Nwachukwu. Abia North
2.Sir Ogala Osoka. Abia North
3.Chf Onyema Ugochukwu. Abia Central
4.Lady Wadibia Anyanwu. Abia South
5.Theo Ohiagu. Abia South
6.Uche Amajor. Abia Central
7.Sonny Iroche. Abia Central – Convener/National Coordinator.
8.Udochi Iheanacho. Abia Central- Secretary

9.Acho Onukwubiri. Abia Central
10.Ada Ogbuagu-Winkina. Abia Central
11.Adindu Ezeocha. Abia Central
12.Aham Onyike. Abia North
13.Alex Otti. Abia Central
14.Andy Onwukwubiri. Abia Central
15.Anya O Anya. Abia North
16.Chike Okike. Abia North

  1. Chima Orji Abia Central
    18.Chima Onyekwere. Abia Central
    19.Chinedu Ogwumike. Abia Central
    20.Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu. Abia Central
    21.Chuku Wachuku. Abia Central
    22.Collins Okoroafor. Abia Central
    23.Dikko Nwachukwu. Abia North
    24.Don Ndubuka. Abia Central
    25.Dr Buchi Onyegbule. Abia Central
    26.Dr Hudson Nwakanma. Abia Central
    27.Dr Michael Enyinna
    28.Arunma Oteh. Abia North
    29.Aruodo Uche. Abia North
    30.AVM Onyemaobi (Rtd). Abia Central
    31.Barr Azu Ezeibe. Abia Central
    32.Barr.Ebere Iroche. Abia Central
    33.Ben Ejimagwa. Abia Central 34.C.J Chikwekem. Abia Central
    35.Capt Chike Usim. Abia South
    36.Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko . Abia Central
    37.Chichi Oriala. Abia Central
    38.Chidi Okpala. Abia Central
    39.Dr Paul Ananaba.(SAN) Abia South
    40.Dr Sunday Obilor. Abia Central
    41.Dr Johnbull Nwosu. Abia Central
    42.Ebube Nwachukwu. Abia North
    43.Edith Onwuchekwa. Abia North
    44.Prof Ngozi Okike. Abia North
    45.Ella Ukagha. Abia North
    46.Emeka Madumere. Abia Central
    47.Emeka Nwosu. Abia Central
    48.Emeka Nwaobiala. Abia Central
    49.Emeka Okengwu. Abia Central
    50.Emeka Uwakolam. Abia Central
    51.Emenuwa JajaWachuku Abia Central
    52.Emman Kanu. Abia Central
    53.Engr. Enyi Kanu. Abia Central
    54.Enyi Erengwa. Abia South
    55.Enyi Odigbo. Abia Central
    56.Engr James Udeala. Abia North
    57.Engr Onu Eluwa. Abia Central
    58.Engr Steve Ndukwe. Abia North
    59.Steve Nwadiuko. Abia South
    60.Engr. Uche Onyebuchi. Abia North
    61.Enyi Harbor. Abia North
    62.Enyi Kanu (USA). Abia North
    63.Enyi Omereonye. Abia Central
    64.Enyi Onokala. Abia Central
    65.Enyi Osoka. Abia North
    66.Etigwe Uwa (SAN). Abia North
    67.Ezichi Kalu. Abia North
    68.Eze Oji. Abia Central
    69.Fab Uche. Abia North
    70.Emman Esinnah. Abia North
    71.George Uduku. Abia Central
    72.Godson Azu. Abia Central
    73.Godswill Okoji. Abia North
    74.Greg Amajuoyi. Abia Central
    75.Hon. Sam Onuigbo. Abia Central 76.Idika Amogu. Abia North
    77.Iheanyi Uwanamodo. Abia Central
    78.Iheoma Nwachukwu. Abia Central
    79.Ike Nwachukwu. Abia North
    80.Ikechi Ibeji. Abia Central
    81.James Umekwe. Abia North
    82.Jonah Ezikpe. Abia North
    83.Kalu Kalu. Abia North
    84.Kelechi Ojukwu. Abia Central
    85.Ken Uchegbu. Abia Central
    86.Lady Nkechi Udeaja. Abia North
    87.Kingsley Achinivu. Abia North
    88.Mao Ibeji. Abia Central
    89.Marc Wabara. Abia South
    90.Martin Ugorji. Abia Central
    91.Martin Umeh. Abia Central
    92.Moses Agoh. Abia North
    93.Muna Okorocha. Abia Central
    94.Nath Nwakpuda. Abia Central
    95.Ndi Uche. Abia North
    96.Ndubuisi JajaWachuhu Abia Central
    97.Ngozi Ayanru. Abia South
    98.Nnaeme Ukabiala Abia Central
    99.Nnamdi Oriaku. Abia Central 100.Nnamdi Udoh. Abia North
    101.Nwabueze Nwokolo. Abia Central
    102.Obi Mbakwe. Abia Central
    103.Obidike Akahara. Abia Central
    104.Obinna Onyearu. Abia North 105.Ochereome Nnanna. Abia North
    106.Okey Ananaba. Abia Central
    107.Okey Kanu. Abia South
    108.Okey Ogba. Abia North
    109.Onyekachi Udensi. Abia North 110.Onyekwere Ogba. Abia North
    111.Patrick Ohadiugha. Abia Central
    112.Prof Madumere Obike Abia Central
    113.Prof Okey Okpala. Abia Central
    114.Prof Peter Kalu. Abia North
    115..Ralph Anusionwu. Abia North
    116..Ray Nkemdirim. Abia North
    117.Sam Ekwuribe. Abia Central
    118.Sam Inyama. Abia North
    119.Sam Ohuabunwa. Abia North
    120.Sonny Ajala (SAN). Abia North 121.Sonny Allison. Abia North
    122.Uche Madumere. Abia Central
    123.Uche Ogbuagu. Abia Central 124.Sam Anyamele. Abia Central
    125.Uduma Kalu. Abia North
    126..Ughenyi Kalu. Abia North
    127.Ugo Ohuabunwa. Abia North
    128.Ugo Okoroafor. Abia North
    129..Uke Agwu. Abia North
    130.Uloma Ifeadike. Abia Central
    131..Uzo Nwankwo. Abia North
    132.Uzo Okpara. Abia Central
    133..Victor Madumere. Abia Central
    134.Victor Onyekpa. Abia Central
    135.Okey Ezeala. Abia Central
    136.Rex Ikoh. Abia North