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A Crushing Fall Awaits APC In 2023 – Elumelu

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Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Ndudi Elumelu has declared that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will face an inevitable and crushing fall in 2023 after which it will go into political oblivion.

According to a statement by his Senior Legislative Aide, Tony Ayaegbunam, the lawmaker made the declaration at the valedictory session of the outgoing National Working Committee of the PDP in Abuja.

Minority Leader expressed that the harmony in the PDP “signposts the peace, cohesiveness, and progress that will pervade our nation when our party takes over power in 2023 from the vexatious, retrogressive, and corrupt APC.”

Elumelu stated that the achievement of a seamless transition in party administration at the expiration of statutory tenure reinforces the status of the PDP as a party of statesmen and women and the mainstay of democratic practice in our country.

“I am happy that we have roundly shamed the APC and their agents, who, as naysayers and enemies of democracy, had set land mines, expecting our party to submerge in crisis, factionalize and founder, so as to deny Nigerians the platform to rescue our nation from the vicious claws and deadly stranglehold of the APC.

“The APC has failed in governance and party administration and a crushing fall awaits it in 2023,” Elumelu stated.