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When a product solves a problem and meets human needs, it is said to be good.

It is not enough to create a product; it is also necessary to be able to market it.

There are many digital products out there that were built to answer one or more problems; nevertheless, these products can only reach their full potential if they are widely accessible to users both online and offline. Smartphones and personal computers are the most common ways for Africans to access digital products, but they are not the only options.

For many years, Western countries have used self-service kiosks, smartphones, and PCs to access digital products.
According to a study, businesses make a lot of money when they use self-service kiosk. This is due to the easy, convenient, and interactive ways that the machine makes it possible to pay for digital services. Not only that, branding and promotion are easily done as advertisements can be easily displayed on the kiosk without additional work on the part of the company, and the advertisements are visible to a huge number of people.
Product distribution is made simple with a self-service kiosk thanks to automation. Customers now have a significant amount of purchasing power at their fingertips. Many purchases are made without much active participation from the customers, but with self-service kiosks, this trend changes, and customers have an active say in what they want or don’t want in their products.

Furthermore, it is beneficial in assisting businesses in providing a more attractive product while also assuring that customers are more inclined to seek a higher level of customization in their purchases.
What your business stands to gain with self-service kiosk
1.Resource conservation
2.Improved client satisfaction
3.Process speed up and decrease delay
4.Improving profitability by serving more customers
5.Improving the efficiency of the firm
6.Real-time decision-making reporting
7.Avoiding human mistake as much as possible

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