What an irony of life and reality of human nature.

Here we see two great personalities, with strong professional character standing side-by-side with a renowned failure and disconnect leader of the 21st century. If these two cannot help this failing president at this critical times of Nigeria economic and social degradation, then Nigeria is in a deep shit hole .

When Muhammadu Buhari took office on May 29, 2015, Nigeria owed a total debt of ‬₦‪12 trillion, meaning each Nigerian owed ‬₦‪60,000. Today, we owe ‬₦‪34 trillion, meaning each citizen owes ‬₦‪170,000.

Yesterday Buhari asked the National Assembly for approval to borrow an additional ‬₦2.3 trillion. If that request is granted, our total debt will rise to ₦37 trillion, meaning each Nigerian will owe ₦185,000. ‪

Buhari will not repay that money! It is YOU and YOUR CHILDREN that will. My people and I are not just doing #HarassBuhariOutofParis because of you. We are also doing it for your children.

How can Nigeria produce the man on your left and the woman on your right, yet be led by the man in the middle?